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BE the Authentic YOU!

BE the Authentic YOU! by deZengo
BE the Authentic YOU!, a photo by deZengo on Flickr.

BE the Authentic YOU!

BE the Authentic YOU!
There’s only one of you in the world! You are special! You do have a purpose! You are the kewlest ever! All you have to do is trust in yourself.

DARE to be different.


Chief Seattle : the Web of Life

Chief Seattle : the Web of Life by deZengo
Chief Seattle : the Web of Life, a photo by deZengo on Flickr.

Chief Seattle : the Web of Life

Chief Seattle : the Web of Life

Man did not weave this web of life
he is merly a strand of it.
Whatever he does to the web,
he does to himself.
~Chief Seattle

OM Times – September B 2012 – Michael Green

OM Times - September B 2012 - Michael Green by deZengo
OM Times – September B 2012 – Michael Green, a photo by deZengo on Flickr.

OM Times – September B 2012 – Michael Green
OM Times - September B 2012
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OM Times is very excited to have Marci Shimoff on the cover!

OM Times Magazine is a Multi-Spiritual-Cultural catalyst—a magazine that provokes, drives, and instigates dialogue among a diversity of people with different approaches, backgrounds and walks of life. With its unique mix of eye-catching graphic arts, in-depth
articles, fine arts, and social commentary; OM Times is a new vehicle that can accelerate ideas, images and concepts, and project them to center stage.

Each month,

OM Times Magazine is a matchless media experience
that reaches thousands of modern, sophisticated Spiritual/Holistic
consumers who create demand for your brand name.

Since its inception
OM Times Magazine has been guided by three
central principles that have set this online magazine apart from the
others: a commitment to visual intelligence, investment in
thought-provoking articles and stories that reflects the heart and soul of the Holistic communities, and a selective, optimistic and Spiritual Activist editorial perspective.

OM Times Magazine
could be defined as an assortment of intelligent, funny, and penetrating voices inside and out of the Holistic community. In every issue, the reader will find a signature merge of culture, art, spirituality, politics, holistic healing, and inspirational wisdom in a variety of deeply distinctive approaches, senses of humor, levels of reporting, and different ways of looking at life.

*All posts within this Community Network are deemed to be submissions for consideration for publication in OM Times Magazine in its various formats.

GaiamTV – Watch Barbara Marx Hubbard

GaiamTV - Watch Barbara Marx Hubbard by deZengo
GaiamTV – Watch Barbara Marx Hubbard, a photo by deZengo on Flickr.

OM Times A special message for OM Times readers from Gaiam TV.

Channel YOU. Thousands of streaming videos to fuel your lifes journey.

Universal Humanity. Watch Now.
How are you preparing for humanity’s new era of infinite possibility? In’s enlightening film Universal Humanity, Barbara Marx Hubbard explores imminent new realities and human abilities as humankind journeys into a new and profound era of change.

In this inspiring film, Barbara joins forces with some of the finest visionaries of our time, including Bruce Lipton, Jean Houston and Freeman Dyson, to bring you cutting edge perspectives on the human potential movement. With your 10-day free trial to, you can watch this riveting film absolutely FREE.

Watch for FREE with your 10-day trial

I discovered that searching can be interesting as finding Paulo Coelho

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BeeSafe™ Tidbit No. 2:

beeSAFE Tidbit by deZengo
beeSAFE Tidbit, a photo by deZengo on Flickr.

BeeSafe™ Tidbit No. 2:
beeSAFE Tidbit

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Riddle Farm Glass

RiddleFarmGlass copy by deZengo
RiddleFarmGlass copy, a photo by deZengo on Flickr.

Riddle Farm Glass

Another lazy rainy Saturday in September and what are you going to do? If you are in or around Mars Hill, NC you could get out and visit the local farmers market to get your produce, homemade butters, flowers and if you want some art – here it is! Local artist Kristen took a few minutes out of her rainy day to talk about her work and explain the process for creating her “Fairy Balls!”

The glass used to blow this beauty was mined out of the Blue Ridge Mountains just 40 minutes from where it was blown. Spruce Pine, NC is known for the purest quartz in the world and they make a very high quality of glass. This fairy ball has silver blue frit swirled together with amethyst frit. Where the silver blue and amethyst meet, the silver comes out in unique patterns, making this my favorite piece. Most of these patterns surround the blue, outlining it. No piece ever comes out exactly the same as another. It can be hung in the home, on a porch, or in the garden.

About the Artist:

Kristen Munoz began blowing glass in Austin, TX twelve years ago using a torch and borosilicate glass. She moved to WNC shortly after that to attend the Penland School of Crafts. There she learned from Emilio Santini and Thurman Stattum, among others. It was at Penland that she was introduced to hot glass. She was awarded four scholarships and attended sessions eight years in a row. She credits this school, along with her love of glass, for her passion in the arts. She helped build her own studio in Marshall, NC using mostly scrap metal. Kristen uses local glass mined 40 minutes from her home in Spruce Pine. Spruce Pine is known to have some of the purest quartz in the world and their quality of glass is very high. Along with Spruce Pine Batch Glass, Kristen uses different minerals and metals to get unique designs and patterns in the glass.

She believes glass to be the most interesting material to craft because all elements: fire, earth, air, and water are needed to complete each piece. Kristen does many craft shows and festivals in the area and is known to be one of the best glass artists in WNC. She raises her two sons and home schools them when she is not working. When her boys get a little older, Kristen hopes to be a teacher at Penland School of Crafts and give back to the community that gave her so much inspiration.

Check her Website Out ( ) or contact her HERE!


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HH Ageless Wisdom banner x 450w

HH Ageless Wisdom banner x 450w by deZengo
HH Ageless Wisdom banner x 450w, a photo by deZengo on Flickr.

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Spiritual Exercise of the Week


Building Antahkarana – The Triangulation Method

antahkarana.jpgThe Central Canal is a term that refers to the column of energy that extends from the base of the spine to the top of the head. It is also referred to as the Chakra Column, or Sushumna.

One of the very important practices of the spiritual path is to widen your Central Canal and clear it of all psychic debris. Ideally the Central Canal can be widened into a column of light that is the size of the circumference of your head. Most people’s Central Canal is a very small tube and gets very clogged like a bathroom pipe that is not working effectively.

This week’s Spiritual Exercise is in the AnimaTech™ section of the Online Resource Center. University Members can connect with the Spiritual Exercise by logging into and clicking:

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We have two articles this week dealing with Prana. There is a simple breathing exercise that is available to all to help cultivate a deep connection with the flow of Prana, or life-force throughout your body. You can find it at:

Our Gratitude to everyone for their prayers, support and patience during our process of relocation to our new home.

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Finally, the Autumn Equinox is coming up on 22 September. We share the Axis Mundi Attunement only twice each year on the Equinoxes. We highly recommend receiving both the Axis Mundi and the Axis Coeli (on the Solstices). For mor info, click on:

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Prana: The Eternal Life Energy

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