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deZengo Bio
A native Tennessean with very real local ties to family and community as well as global exposure, adventures and awareness. Born (1964) in Virginia, U.S.A. to parents of Cherokee and Irish decent. She grew up in a military family, raised in the Bible Belt with a possible indigo progressive mother. deZengo has a background in art and works in several mediums as well as digital. Upon leaving the military lifestyle she had the pleasure of getting a degree in marketing / advertising / design in Seattle WA. Her background in multi-media & the marketing industry trends provides an excellent resource as Director for Media for the Humanity Healing International Ambassador Initiative / Program.

Life has provided this Tennessee artist ample opportunity for growth, exploration, challenges, and a desire to re-define her definition of “success!”

Using her background in mixed media, fine art, crafts, writing, photography, marketing, advertising … deZengo collaborates with other individuals and organizations (local & global) who serve their community and planet. It is through collaborative efforts that deZengo sees magic occur. Real life changing, universally transforming bridges of hope being created each time people come together to solve problems with loving intent and creative solutions from a place of love & compassion and fearlessness!

: WE Use Our Skills & Gifts to Support :

Yoga Studios | Instructors :: NamaSpirit Teachers

Health & Wellness Centers :: OM-Times Health & Wellness

Independent Artists & Musicians :: NamaSpirit TN

Humanity Healing International Ambassadors

Socially Responsible Tea : Bio Verde

While working with healers, shamans, light workers, artists, yoga studios, individuals, community activists, art lovers, writers, and everyone in between — a new sense of community has been experienced and we believe the solutions for peace lie in our unity and collaboration!

The seed has been planted & with love : patience : time : the inner spirit naturally seeks OM and light.


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