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graphic design

I do this because this is what I do! I create…. I take pieces and connect dots and help messages make sense. As a graphic designer, that’s my job! To take your ideas, vision and input and create something that mirrors what you wish to see. Of course, it usually does not happen like magic. It is a process! Good design is much like a mathematical process. We have fast food design and we have those designs we have been creative liberties to push our own boundaries and create with IN and with OUT boundaries. There are so many visual solutions to each design situation. Designers are artists who want to collaborate and play with others. We sometimes can use our own skills to create an illustration or photograph to be used within

My own history and every thing leading up to this point in my life has brought me here. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than using my gifts on projects, people and events that I believe in. That is how I run my business. It’s not easy to do business that way and it surely is NOT the most profitable. But each night when I go to sleep, I sleep so well and wake so refreshed that I know this is the right path for me.

I design, therefore I AM!


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