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SACREDspace : January 1/2 2012 – Yoga Vidya (pg1)

SACREDspace : January 1/2 2012 - Yoga Vidya (pg1) by deZengo
SACREDspace : January 1/2 2012 – Yoga Vidya (pg1), a photo by deZengo on Flickr.

The Synthesis of Yoga

Yoga is an integral, all-embracing system. Most people find a combination of the different paths of yoga most powerful:

• Hatha Yoga develops the physical body

• Kundalini Yoga augments the energy body

• Bhakti Yoga sublimates the emotions

• Raja Yoga trains the mind

• Jnana Yoga enhances intellect and intuition

• Karma Yoga helps integrating everything into daily life.

Asanas – yoga exercises

Asanas are yoga exercises; certain positions are held for periods of time. Asanas gently develop muscle strength, flexibility and body awareness. They release blocked life energy (prana), activating inner healing power. Yoga asanas boost the body’s resistance to disease; they support and enhance the effects of other therapies.

Pranayama – breathing exercises

Everybody breathes approximately 25,920 times a day. In addition to oxygen, we also ingest prana, life energy. Because of stress, tension, wrong posture and bad habits most people breath too shallowly. Their systems do not get enough oxygen. Yoga helps. With special breathing exercises the life energy can be rebuilt. When regularly practice breathing exercises fear, depression, anxiety, stress and over-tiredness can be overcome.

Deep relaxation

Most people experience a deep relaxation t the end of every yoga class. Relaxation is especially important to the modern person: stress is reduced, the immune system strengthened, healing processes supported, mental strength and calmness restored. Complete relaxation doesn’t come by oneself but may be learned patiently and systematically.

Yoga Vidya is a non-profit organization whose aim is to spread the knowledge (“vidya”), practice and techniques of classical, holistic Yoga. Founded in 1992 in Frankfurt, seated now in Horn-Bad Meinberg.

Find more videos like this on

The Yoga Vidya Retreat Centre in Westerwald (close to Cologne) opened in 1996 and Yoga Vidya Retreat Centre Bad Meinberg opened in 2003. There are Yoga Vidya Centres in more than 50 major German cities and Vienna, Austria. We teach yoga in its many aspects, in a vast variety of courses and seminars.

Yoga Vidya is Europe’s leading and largest yoga educational organization. All fees for courses directly support the trust. Donations are tax-deductible.

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OM Times Magazine : January 2012 : Shirley MacLaine

OM Times Magazine : January 2012 : Shirley MacLaine by deZengo
OM Times Magazine : January 2012 : Shirley MacLaine, a photo by deZengo on Flickr.

OM Times Magazine : January 2012 : Shirley MacLaine
OM Times Magazine : January 2012 : Shirley MacLaine : Beyond the Limb : The Multidimensional Trailblazer

To get the full multi-media experience, click HERE –>

This edition OM Times is thrilled to have the incredible Shirley MacLaine – shining her trailblazing self with us on the cover and an exclusive interview inside.

OM Times Magazine is a Multi-Spiritual-Cultural catalyst—a magazine that provokes, drives, and instigates dialogue among a diversity of people with different approaches, backgrounds and walks of life. With its unique mix of eye-catching graphic arts, in-depth articles, fine arts, and social commentary; OM Times is a new vehicle that can accelerate ideas, images and concepts, and project them to center stage.

Each month,

OM Times Magazine is a matchless media experience that reaches thousands of modern, sophisticated Spiritual/Holistic consumers who create demand for your brand name.

Since its inception OM Times Magazine has been guided by three central principles that have set this online magazine apart from the others: a commitment to visual intelligence, investment in
thought-provoking articles and stories that reflects the heart and soul of the Holistic communities, and a selective, optimistic and Spiritual Activist editorial perspective.

OM Times Magazine
could be defined as an assortment of intelligent, funny, and penetrating voices inside and out of the Holistic community. In every issue, the reader will find a signature merge of culture, art, spirituality, politics, holistic healing, and inspirational wisdom in a variety of deeply distinctive approaches, senses of humor, levels of reporting, and different ways of looking at life.

*All posts within this Community Network are deemed to be submissions for consideration for publication in OM Times Magazine in its various formats.

OM Times Magazine

© 2009 – 2011 OM Times Media, div. of HHN, LLC. Permission to re-post articles from OM-Times with proper attribution to both Author and Om-Times Magazine and its website is given. To read our reprint policy in full, visit:

OM Times Magazine Reprint Policy

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OM Times Magazine – Yarn Therapist Dec 2011 : Gregory Patrick – Knitting Saved My Life

OM Times Magazine - Yarn Therapist Dec 2011 : Gregory Patrick - Knitting Saved My Life by deZengo
OM Times Magazine – Yarn Therapist Dec 2011 : Gregory Patrick – Knitting Saved My Life, a photo by deZengo on Flickr.

In my knitting adventures I often come across people who have picked up needlecrafts in response to a stressful or traumatic event in their lives. Loss of a loved one, loss of a job, empty nest, post traumatic stress- the list could go on. Author, artist and knitter Gregory Patrick is one such person. I met Gregory online and his story is both interesting and compelling. He is a self-taught knitter whose command of the craft is precise and beautiful and his workmanship is of the highest quality. He developed his interest in knitting after he spotted a sweater in a store. “I wanted a sweater from J. Crew. Cashmere. Beautiful. Couldn’t afford it. I was determined to have one, though. SO I taught myself.” He bought a book and taught himself to knit.

But Gregory’s story doesn’t end at the beautiful pieces he creates: In fact, knitting is where it all begins. Knitting, as Gregory explains, literally “saved my life”.

Circumstances found Gregory without a home or money. He explains, “I had nowhere to go except my grandfather’s abandoned country home 20 miles from nowhere. My income, being so far from anything, are the knitted items I sell in my shop, and the books that I sell through Amazon.” Most other people in his situation would have given up but Gregory chose to dig into the skill he had taught himself that day after the cashmere sweater lit a fire in his soul for wielding a pair of needles. His product was knitted teddy bears. “What I find fascinating is that I never even intended to make bears….THEY decided they wanted to be made….so I go with whatever the needles ask of me.” He opened up an Etsy shop and created the blog Madman Knitting to self promote his work. When asked about reactions to his knitting he replies, “Its odd being out in public doing it. People find me….odd? They don’t wanna talk about the craft- they wanna know why a guy who looks like he works construction knits!” Stories such as this spread fast throughout the knitting community and soon many in the community were also spreading the word- and buying bears.

Circumstances in Gregory’s life continue to leave him on a roller coaster but he has found, like so many of us, that knitting is an anchor. As long as he has his knitting he has a way to create income. When asked about the highs and lows in his life at the moment, he relates to me the following story: “I met one of my customers a few days ago. She asked to pick it up in person. My first local. She said the bear was for a woman who was finally, after 4 miscariages, coming to term with her first baby. That’s why my bears decided to be made, I think.” As an artist, especially one that produces crafts, it is a major compliment to see people using the products you make. These little bears are going places and I see them becoming heirlooms and collectibles- each carrying with it an incredible story of the resilence of the human spirit.

You can find Gregory Patrick’s story, bears and books online at

Leila Cook is an artist, writer and activist- she lives in Tennessee with her husand Earnie and five children. You can find her at

Project Kindness : Teaching Kindness Using Art & Crafts

Project Kindness : Teaching Kindness Using Art & Crafts by deZengo
Project Kindness : Teaching Kindness Using Art & Crafts, a photo by deZengo on Flickr.

Project Kindness :

Teaching Kindness Using Art & Crafts

Coming to Your Rural Community Soon!

This program will not only teach people who to use their hands and create something artistic or crafty, the finished pieces will be donated to those in need. Cancer centers, homeless shelters, afterschool programs etc…



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OM Times November 2011: Health & Wellness Editorial – BCABPP

OM Times November 2011: Health & Wellness Editorial - BCABPP by deZengo
OM Times November 2011: Health & Wellness Editorial – BCABPP, a photo by deZengo on Flickr.

It’s hard to believe another month has come and gone! Where oh where does the time go when you’re having fun? Technically, time is the same whether we enjoy it or not, so why not embrace each moment as an adventure to create fun or at least something positive from each experience? Being conscious and aware in each moment we are granted an opportunity to take those metaphorical “lemons” and create “lemonade!” Some situations are easier to recognize than others, but I believe that we have the ability to create change with (IN) that ultimately create change that ripples (OUT)ward.

What if you were told you had breast cancer? Would you be able to stop in that moment and breath, rather than allow fear to run rampant? Looking for a way to not only get through it, but rise above it? There is no doubt we all have the potential, but until tested we never know our inner strength and in what way the creative, divine, universal force can masterfully use “each” situation to create something beautiful and inspirational.

Recently I had the pleasure to connect virtually with a group of visionary artists, photographer(s), and breast cancer survivors working on an ARTivism Project that I fell in love with. The dots leading up to the connection are mildly entertaining, but the story caught my attention and inspired me. Unless you knew my previous 50 years you cannot appreciate the distance beyond my “box” I have walked. My navigational beacon (heart) directs me to the project.

What I continue to see are individuals committed to using their pain & adversity to create something amazing! The Breast Cancer Awareness Body Paint Project (BCABPP) incorporates the survivor’s story and message into the painting. What makes the project so unique is the human canvas being used. Real women with real scars and real stories have the opportunity to share their story of survival through a beautiful work of art. Currently, the project is being censored on Facebook as offensive or pornographic in nature. You will have the opportunity to read more about this project a little further in the magazine and make your own determination.

This month look for your opportunity. When you find the situation that you feel is impossible to create something positive from remember that in changing your perception of the world, you change the world. ~deZengo

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead.

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OM Times October 1/2 2011 – Greg Bradden

OM Times October 1/2 2011 – Greg Bradden, a photo by deZengo on Flickr.

OM Times October 1/2 2011 - Greg Bradden
OM Times October 1/2 2011 – Greg Bradden

To View the Multimedia Version:

OM Times is privileged to have visionary Gregg Braden on the cover. Gregg is an internationally renowned pioneer in bridging science and spirituality. His original research crosses the traditional boundaries of science, history, and religion offering fresh insights into ancient mysteries and, in doing so, he has redefined our relationship to our inner and outer worlds.

OM Times is a Holistic Green eZine with a Spiritual, Self-growth perspective for the Conscious Community. OM Times was created to share new ways of thinking to promote Healing on personal, community and global levels; and to bring attention to the individuals and organizations that are making a difference.

Inside the eZine you will find a full multimedia experience with music and videos…in addition to the excellent articles by our incredible Featured Columnists covering the Holistic spectrum. Join us by either clicking on the Cover or here:

OM Times Magazine October & 1/2 2011 Full Multimedia Edition

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SACREDspace Studio – the 411 on Yoga and Cancer

SACREDspace Studio – the 411 on Yoga and Cancer, a photo by deZengo on Flickr.

The 411 on Yoga and Cancer

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by deZengo




Most of us will never hear the words, “Your biopsy came back positive – it was malignant!” However, chances are that someone in your circle of family or friends will be affected by this deadly and indiscriminate disease. Hopefully, you will revisit this article for suggestions as to how Yoga benefits an individual (before, during and after) through each stage of treatment!

Yoga Before

Upon notification that cancer has been detected and prior to any treatment regime is the perfect time to begin a yoga practice, if not already included into your daily routine. Without a doubt there will be added anxieties and fears to address. However, one of the most beneficial things you can do for your mind & body is to stay in a calm. In yoga, it is called meditation and it allows us to focus and prepare.

Yoga During

Depending on the type of cancer or treatments required, your daily practice might need to be modified but not forgotten. When you feel the worst and the weakest, can be the best time for yoga. Don’t be afraid to push your body a little! Perhaps you can pick one asana (pose) and build up your strength gradually versus doing an entire class. The breathing exercises are beneficial at every stage of life or cancer. Recent surveys suggest, doing yoga while going through cancer treatments assists with insomnia that accompanies many of the chemotherapy drugs, physical aches and pains, as well as an overall sense of well being.

Yoga After

During the coming months be gentle with yourself and realize you have just fought a battle for LIFE. Your life! As a survivor you have so much to look forward to and yoga will accommodate and grow with you. If you continue this practice, you will find yourself able to deal with all aspects of life from a renewed perspective and place of love. Yoga is a lifestyle that incorporates conscious intentions and thought into all aspects. If you have made it this far, there is no doubt you are on the road to your healthy life. If you can “see it,” you can “be it” and yoga can help you get there with regards to wellness.

About the Author

deZengo survived breast cancer and used yoga as a tool for healing and self empowerment. She currently lives in Middle Tennessee with her family where she is the co-founder of the SACREDspace Yoga-2-go Program. An artist with the heart of an activist. You can reach her at:


Source: OM Times Magazine (

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